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Sex Toys for Gays

Sex Toys for Gays in India Cook Ring Prostate Toys Butt Plug Anal Dildos Anal Lubes Condom
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Anal Dildos and Tools
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Want to know? Sex Toys for Gays

Want to know? Sex Toys for Gays

Nowadays gay and LGBT are becoming recognized worldwide, and of course we also consider Indian gay. I wish I could become a more livable in India! We(SexToys India) also support such gays in India.

Here we collected popular categories for gays in India. Check out what toys are popular with gays here. Toys are used for passionate affection expressions, as men of great libido.

Of course there are many toys related to anal, but Chastity devices and Cock rings are popular with gays worldwide. There are toys that are used in a slightly different way from how to use straight people, but basically they are the same. Click here for gay toy types, and you can quickly check out toys for you to suit your purpose!

Find the best gay toys for your best and best partner.

Sex Toys for Gays in India

Sex Toys for Gays in India

The majority of Indian is opposite and remain opposed to the number of gay or LGBT people in India. But the view of Indian peoples on homosexuality and acceptance of LGBT gay becomes less rigid over time. Now gay men can come in front of the world with their preferences and likes.

About sexual minorities Gays in India

With a new verdict of section 377, gay people get open about their sexuality. It is no more consider as immoral by the law. Well, for Indian society it is difficult to accept everyone because there are still some people who consider it as an abnormal nature or sexuality. We believing and respect the one who is open about sexuality whether it is gay or lesbian or other social minority. We are introducing toys for gay for their better sexual life. There is nothing wrong to be gay. It is nothing abnormal about your love and your emotion.

Indian Gays

According to a global survey named as World Values Survey (WVS). It surveys conduct among 100 countries about the view on homosexuality over time. It is started in 1990. The share of Indian respondent to ”homosexuality is never justifiable” is decreases from 89% to 24%. Means Indian starts accepting the homosexuality people.

There are 93.4 million gay people recorded in India noted by the Supreme Court in 2017. It is a population where men himself registered as gay. There may be much higher statistics due to individuals who have concealed their identity and after passing the section 377.

Gay peoples manage their sexual needs with masturbation or sex like straight men. The popular perception that gay couples involve in anus play more. But the sexual behaviour of gay couples towards anus is least common. Around 75 per cent of gay reported that they enjoy kissing their partners, giving oral sex, and/or receiving oral sex. By contrast, 36 percent of men reported that they enjoy receiving anal sex and 34 percent of men reported giving it.

Sexual position for gays? TOP-BOTTOM?

Sex position for gay is termed as top and bottom. It is a division of role during sex in gay couples. Like we discuss some of them enjoy receiving the anal sex and some of them enjoy to give anal sex. These are the top and bottom partner.

Top: Top is one who engages in the penetration process like dominance in BDSM. Top involve in the intercourse using their penis or sex toy during anal or oral intercourse.

Bottom: Bottom is one who receives the penetration like submissive in BDSM. Bottoms enjoy all the intercourse act by their partner's penis or sex toys during anal or oral intercourse.

Type of Sex Toys for Gay

Type of Sex Toys for Gay

Check our stock about sex toys for gay. This sex toys help you in your masturbation and having fun with your male partner. You can use any of these gay sex toys whether you are top and bottom.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are used as a sex toy that make gay's penis even cooler. Cock rings for gays are same like normal cock rings. Cock rings work by restricting the blood flow in the penis. It helps men to pleasure their male partner for a longer time. Well, some of the gay partners also use cock rings just for an accessory. It gives a cooler look to your penis. Cock rings are available in many sizes and features. The vibrating cock ring is interesting for gay to try with their male partner.

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Male Prostate Toys

A Popular perceptive that gay is highly involved in the anal play. Gay couples enjoy anal play as penetrative play. But what about masturbation? There are many male prostate toys are available and we have it for you to try and achieve anal orgasm. The prostate is one of pleasurable spot and orgasm for a gay and a male. We have different kinds of male prostate toys. You can pick your desire one.

Butt Plugs

Butt plug, a sex toy that is suitable for the preparation of anal. It is famous among gay for anal play. Butt plugs are slim in structure and easy to insert in the anus for the first time. Beginner gay and men can easily use it to start their anal play. It is up to the user where he wants to use it whether in masturbation or with a partner. Gay partners can use butt plug one by one. There are many shapes, size, features are available in the butt plug.

Anal Dildos and Tools

Anal dildo and tools are also an option to choose for a better anal play or anal masturbation. It is a tool or dildo to enhance the fun of anal. There are various kinds of anal dildo and tools are available on our site. You can check your suitable one to enjoy anal play. It is perfect for gay couples to add fun in their sexual life. Gay masturbation can reach to next level with anal dildo.

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Anal Lubes

Anal lubes, a high viscosity lubricant suitable for the anal purpose and anal penetration. It is also good to use a normal lubricant like a water-based lubricant and silicone-based lubricant, but it gets dry easily. Anal masturbation and anal penetration required extra lubrication, so we recommended using anal lubricant only. Gay couples can purchase anal lube to eliminate the friction of the penis and any anal dildo or plugs to the anus.


Condom, a necessary contraceptive method for safer sex. It is good to use to avoid HIV and other Sexual transmitted diseases. For gay peoples, it is mandatory to use the condom in anal sex.

The anus and rectum are very susceptible to fissures and microdamage, which leads to the growth of infection and viruses for both partners. It is not hygienic to do anal sex without a condom. Gay couples should use a condom in their every act. The choice of a condom is up to you and your penis like thin condom, extra large condom, lubricated condom, etc

Purpose of using Sex Toys for Gay

Purpose of using Sex Toys for Gay

The purpose of using sex toys by gays or gay's couples is varying. It depends on their likes and preference. Let's check some of them.

Case of using anal

In most of the cases, the gay couple chooses sex toys to intend to achieve anal orgasm. They want to insert into anal whether for the anal sex or stimulation of prostate gland.

The stimulation of prostate and anus is one of amazing and most pleasurable thing to do by gay because it leads to prostate orgasm. This is also known as the P-Spot of men. It is the same pleasurable as the G-Spot of women. There is much satisfying sex toy for gay especially for anal is available on our site.

Of course, only an experienced anal can be anal sex. At first, it is necessary to get used to the size gradually by anal massage with a finger. Click Road to safe and secure anal sex here for details

Case of doing Vanilla sex

Vanilla sex is referring to the uninserted sex between two gay couple. There are a lot of gays who do not have anal sex. Instead like to do vanilla sex likes using hands and mouth for kissing, smooching, caressing, etc. The act of massaging the hole with fingers without any insertion of genital is also referred to as vanilla sex.

The SM play with different BDSM toys is considered an s vanilla sex till there is no insertion or penetration there in the act. It is just exploring and caressing each other body. There are a lot of things to do in vanilla sex too.

We introduce recommended toy as a hint for that. Cock rings etc. also play a very important role as an item to show your penis fine. You may also want to play a long vanilla play with a lubricant. There is no problem using anal lubricant on the penis.

Other way using Chastity Devices is good too, it is fun to play without touching it. DO NOT touching... sounds good right?

Indian Desi gay couple and Sex Toys for gay

Indian Desi gay couple and Sex Toys for gay

Indian gay couples are coming in front of the world gradually. Some accept it before the verdicts of section 377 or some of them accept it after it. Gay word refers to homosexuality. The homosexuality peoples gradually increased in the mid of 20 century.

Gay peoples also have sexual desire like normal men. How a gay or gay couple satisfied their sexual desires? Sex Toys for gay is an option that we introduce to cheer section 377 and the LGBT community. Hence, categorization sex toys especially for the gay. A gay and gay couple can find their all sex toys want here.

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