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New Product Sex Toys List
New Product Sex Toys List

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Sex Toys for Men

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Sex Toys for Men in India

Sex Toys for Men in India

SexToys India has a wide range of male sex toys to enhance your sex life.

These range from masturbator that simulate sex with women to anal toys that can help you achieve anal orgasms.

Use a male sex toy to suit your purpose!

They can be used not only for masturbation but also for sex with a partner.

Using dildos and vibrators during sex can increase your partner's pleasure and satisfaction.

Masturbation like sex


STI has a number of sex toys for men that improve the quality of masturbation.

  • Low price
  • Sex-like experience
  • Weighty inserts
  • Doesn't look like a sex toy
  • Reproduction of female body
  • Experiencing sex

Find out what each sex toy can do and what is recommended.

Masturbator increase pleasure


The masturbator is a sex toy shaped like a woman's vagina and is most popular with men who want to experience sex.

With just one masturbator, you can recreate sex and pleasure with a woman!

STI's most popular masturbator and recommended for beginners.

It is popular because of its cost-effective price of Rs 895, which allows you to experience sex-like pleasure over and over again.

The internal texture provides moderate stimulation to the penis and leads to orgasm.

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Fleshlight popular in India


Fleshlight is one of the masturbator brands. It is well known and loved by many men in India.

The soft sleeve is surrounded by a hard case for a stable insertion experience.

The tightness can be controlled so you can achieve the right amount of tightness at any time.

Fleshlight has a strong brand image and a high price tag.

STI offers a replica product that offers the same level of pleasure for Rs 3000 units.

As you can see from the appearance, it replicates the insertion opening of the vagina, allowing insertion while increasing arousal.

The cap at the bottom can be opened and closed to control the tightness on the penis.

If you are also interested in other Fleshlight products, see below.

Experiencing sex with sex dolls

Sex doll

Sex dolls are dolls in the shape of life-size women.

Some are full-body types, while others have only a lower body.

They also come with a vagina for a realistic insertion experience.

You can experience masturbation while imagining the real thing, which is not the case with Masturbator or Fleshlight.

This sex doll is small but offers a sex experience, allowing for dynamic movements and tits jobs that cannot be experienced with Fleshlights or a regular Masturbator.

It can be used for cowgirl insertion and tits job to enhance the pleasure of masturbation.

If you are interested in other sex dolls, please click below.

To find out more about how to use and choose Fleshlight, please see below.

Anal masturbation

Anal masturbation

There are also a number of sex toys that can stimulate the anus and achieve anal orgasm.

Anal Plugs
  • Anal extension
  • Anal masturbation
Anal dildo
  • Feeling of penis insertion
  • Achieving dry orgasms
Prostate Toys
  • Prostate stimulation
  • Achieving dry orgasms

The anal toy required depends on the degree of anal extension and anal play.

The characteristics of each anal toy are identified.

Enjoy anal stimulation with anal plugs

Anal Plugs

Anal plugs are used by anal beginners to dilate the anus and practise insertion.

Anal plugs can help achieve anal orgasm if the user gradually becomes accustomed to insertion.

This anal plug is very popular with anal beginners.

The tip is thin so that even anal beginners can insert it easily.

The plug becomes slightly thicker towards the base, so that anal extension can be enjoyed.

The silicone material is gentle on the skin, so beginners can use it without worry.

There are many types of anal plugs available for STIs.

To find out how to use anal plugs, please refer to the following.

Anal stimulation with anal dildos

Anal dildo

Anal dildos are made to replicate the texture and shape of a penis.

The experience is similar to inserting your partner's penis during anal sex.

Anal beginners should start with a smaller dildo to get used to insertion.

This dildo is the smallest dildo in the STI range.

It can be used not only for insertion into the female vagina, but also as an anal masturbation tool.

It can also be used for anal insertion practice and is an item that will make anal masturbation even more pleasurable.

Other sizes of dildos should also be used.

Achieving dry orgasms with Prostate Toys

Prostate Toys

Men can experience a dry orgasm when they become accustomed to anal penetration and stimulation of the prostate gland, which is located at the back of the anus.

A dry orgasm is far more pleasurable than ejaculation and lasts for a longer period of time.

Using a prostate toy can help you to have a more efficient dry orgasm.

Out Of Stock

This anal toy is designed to stimulate the prostate gland and provides adjustable vibration into the anus.

This makes it easy to feel pleasure even for those who have not achieved anal orgasm.

It is designed for the shape of the inside of the anus, so it fits well to any man.

If you want to achieve the best possible male orgasm, this is the one for you.

Use in the sex

Use in the sex

Some sex toys can be used during sex.

Using sex toys, such as dildos, on your partner can increase pleasure and help you get out of a sex rut.

Cock rings and penis sleeves can solve men's penis problems and allow for prolonged penetration.

  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Expanding the range of play
Cock rings
  • Increased ejaculatory pleasure
  • Increase penis size
Penis sleeves
  • Increase penis size
  • Prolonged insertion
Chastity belts
  • Increase your libido
  • Increased pleasure

The characteristics of each are identified.

Stimulate your partner with a dildo


Using a dildo during sex can further enhance pleasure for the woman.

You can also change to inserting a dildo when you are about to ejaculate to give your penis a rest.

You will no longer be unable to satisfy a woman because you ejaculate too soon due to premature ejaculation.

This dildo is designed for average penis size and can provide a realistic and pleasurable experience.

It has a lifelike shape and texture, so you won't feel uncomfortable switching from a penis to a dildo.

It is also reasonably priced at Rs 1280. If you want to enhance the pleasure of sex with a dildo, this is the one for you.

Cock rings strengthen the penis


Cock rings are worn on the penis during insertion.

The ring moderately tightens the penis and temporarily stops the blood flow, thereby strengthening the erection.

It also significantly increases the pleasure of ejaculation when it is tightened.

This cock ring has a vibrator and can stimulate the clitoris during insertion.

If worn during sex, it can make you feel good inside and outside the vagina at the same time.

It also increases your own ejaculatory pleasure.

Penis sleeves to increase penis size

Penis sleeve

Penis sleeves can increase the size of the penis by one size and increase pleasure for women.

Some penis sleeves have a textured surface. The increased size and surface texture can lead women to orgasm.

The transparent type allows the penis to be seen through, so it will not cause any discomfort during insertion.

It has excellent elasticity and fits any penis.

The texture on the surface further increases the pleasure of insertion.

Recommended for men who are worried about whether they are making their partner feel comfortable due to the small size of their penis.

Chastity devices improve sex ruts

Chastity devices

A chastity belt locks the penis and temporarily prevents ejaculation.

The woman controls the man's ejaculation and his arousal and sexual desire reaches a maximum.

The pleasure after releasing the chastity belt is more pleasant than usual.

Play can also be enjoyed with a chastity belt on the man's penis and the woman stimulating the man's anus.

This chastity belt is a popular item in STI.

The chastity belt makes it easier to keep track of the penis and has the advantage of being able to excite the woman.

The chastity belt also allows urine to be emitted from the tip, making it possible to restrict it for long periods of time.


We have introduced sex toys for men.

The sex toy you should choose will depend on your objectives.

If you want to choose a sex toy according to the kind of play you want to do again, please refer to the following.

Sex Toys can enhance your masturbation pleasure and satisfaction and help couples get out of their sex rut.

Enjoy a comfortable sex life with your favourite sex toy.

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