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New Product Sex Toys List
New Product Sex Toys List

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Sex Toys for Men

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Sex Toys for Men in India

Sex Toys for Men in India

SEXToys India has many sex toys for men.

There are a variety of products that will give you a more pleasurable masturbation experience or give you a new stimulation for sex.


However, there are so many different types that beginners may get confused.

This article will introduce the features and popular products in the following three categories of sex toys for men.

This article will give you knowledge about sex toys and help you understand what sex toy is right for you.

Attraction of Sex toy


I'm interested in sex toys, but I wonder if they are as good as everyone says they are?

Maybe you are thinking this way?

As it turns out, sex toys are full of charm.


Sex toy is the answer for everyone who wants to enhance and improve their sex life.
  • Masturbate more comfortably
  • Want to please my partner in sex
  • Get new stimulation and pleasure

If any of these apply to you, you will definitely not regret buying a sex toy.

If you have become interested, you can actually buy and experience the Sex toy we are about to introduce.

For Masturbation

For Masturbation

First of all, we would like to introduce you to some Sex toys that make penis masturbation more comfortable.

The following four types are introduced here.


Ideal for those who masturbate more frequently or want to increase the pleasure of masturbation.

We will now introduce the features and popular products of each.



The Masturbator is a made of soft material like vagina.

When the penis is inserted together with the Sex Lubricant, it feels as if it is being inserted into a woman's vagina.


SEXToys India classifies caseless as masturbator and cased as Fleshlight.

Many users use more than one masturbator, as the size, shape and contents of each product are completely different and the pleasure obtained is also different.



Medium to large Masturbator that can be stored in a case.

The fact that they can be stored in cases makes them resistant to dirt and easy to keep clean, making them long-lasting.


Unlike the Masturbator, there is no risk of it being revealed as a sex toy if it is kept in a case.

Many products come with features that amplify pleasure, such as suction cups and vibrators, and many products can also be enjoyed hands-free.

Mini Sex Doll

Mini Sex Dolls are large masturbators that reproduce the female body, some weighing over 1 kg.


The heavier the Masturbator, the greater the stimulation to the penis.

It is suitable for use by shaking the hips in the same way as sex and can easily be used to experience simulated sex.

It can also be inserted both vaginally and anally, allowing you to enjoy different stimulation in each.

Sex Doll

Sex Doll

Unlike the mini-size dolls mentioned above, Sex Dolls are life-size realistic sex dolls.


You can choose from a variety of face, height, hair and body types.

Not only does it look and feel like a real woman, but the texture also replicates a real woman, allowing you to have sex with a realistic feel.

What's more, it is articulated just like a human being, so you can have sex in any position you like, whether normal or back.

The easier and cheaper Air Sex doll is also popular.

These vinyl sex dolls are inflated with air, are lightweight and easy to store.

For Anal paly

For Anal paly

The next section introduces sex toys for those interested in anal play.

The following three types are introduced here.


Recommended for those interested in unknown pleasures and wanting new stimulation.

We will now introduce the features and popular products of each.

We also recommend the Anal toy set products for beginners.

Butt Plug

Butt Plug

The Butt Plug is mainly used by anal novices for anal dilatation purposes.


You should start by buying the smallest size.

Anal extensions allow you to experience greater Anal toy and anal sex.

If you are interested in Anal play, the theory is to start with the Butt Plug.

Anal Dildo

Anal Dildo

Anal Dildo is a Dildo suitable for anal insertion.

There is a wide variety of shapes, from realistic penis reproductions to extra large sizes for advanced users.


For first-time users, black is recommended as it is less likely to show dirt.

Recommended for those who are starting to get used to anal play and want to experience anal sex in a simulated way.

For men, stimulation of the prostate gland, which is located deep inside the anus, can provide more pleasure than ejaculation.

If you are interested in this, please refer to this blog post.

Anal Vibrator

For even more stimulating anal play, we recommend the Anal Vibrator.

In addition to insertion, vibration stimulation provides an even more pleasurable anal masturbation experience.


The pleasurable sensations caused by vibration can only be experienced with a sex toy.

Smaller sizes are also available and can be used by sex toy beginners.

For Sex

For Sex

Finally, here are some Sex toys that make sex more comfortable.

The following four types are presented here.


Sex toys to make sex even more fun and safe.

We will now introduce you to the features and popular products of each.

The vibrator is also recommended for those who want to give pleasure to women.

It can give pleasure to the nipples and clitoris by stimulating them with vibrations.

Cock Ring

The Cock Ring supports the function of the penis.

Wrapped around the base of the penis, it inhibits blood flow, making the penis harder than usual and preventing premature ejaculation.


Furthermore, it can enhance the pleasure of ejaculation.

It can also temporarily increase the size of the penis and is recommended for men who want to increase their sex satisfaction.

Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeve

Penis sleeves are primarily effective in increasing penis size.

They are available in a variety of shapes, including length and thickness, as well as with warts and protrusions.


If you want to make your partner feel good with your penis, the Penis sleeve is the perfect choice.

It also covers the entire penis, like a condom, and has a tremendous effect in preventing premature ejaculation, similar to the Cock Ring.

Sex Lubricant

Sex Lubricant works well for both masturbation and sex.


It is a versatile sex toy that you should always have one on hand.

It is mainly used to improve the sliding of various sex toys, such as Masturbator, Anal toy and Dildo.

During sex, it may be used to enhance excitement and as a substitute for vaginal fluids in women.


Condom is a contraceptive device worn on the penis.

It should always be worn during sex to prevent sexually transmitted infections and to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


You should always keep a box in stock.

Other uses include being fitted when using a Masturbator or Dildo to increase safety.

What to look out for when buying sex toys

Finally, we provide a summary of what you need to be aware of when buying a sex toy.


This is very important for the comfortable use of sex toys.
  • Don't forget to order Sex Lubricant
  • Wash after use and keep clean
  • Secure a storage place

Sex Lubricant is essential for the use of Masturbator and Anal toy. Make sure to order it together.

Also, be sure to wash them after use and keep them clean.

If they are left dirty, bacteria can grow and make them unusable.


It is also important to discuss other purchases with your partner if the item is to be used with your partner.


Sex toy can enrich your sex life.

If you want to experience masturbation that feels even better than before, or if you want to get new stimulation, buy your first sex toy.


You are sure to have an exciting experience.

Here are some of the most popular categories of sex toys for men.

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