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Sex Toys for Women in India

The main categories of female sex toys available in India are vibrators, dildos, massagers, and condoms.

Among these four, they are further divided into multiple types depending on their use, and the orgasms you feel will vary depending on how you use them.

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Category Purpose of use
  • Easy orgasms with vibration
  • G-spot development
  • Clitoris development
  • Best toys in India
  • Can use quietly
  • G-spot, Portio development
  • Can have a pseudo-penis
  • Lesbian sex
  • Woman to man penetration
  • Absolutely orgasmic with powerful vibrations
  • G-spot development
  • Clitoris development
  • Contraceptive
  • Prevention of STDs
  • Hygienic use of sex toys

By using sex toys such as dildo and vibrator during masturbation and sex, you can develop new sexual zones and have more orgasms during sex with your partner.

Sexual zones in the vagina are particularly difficult (and time-consuming) to develop, so using sex toys can shorten the time it takes to develop them and make it more efficient.

If you have had sex before, you are probably familiar with condoms. In fact, condoms can also be considered as a great sex toy for women.

Types of Sex Toys for Women

Types of Sex Toys for Women

Next, we will take a deep dive into each of the female sex toys. Even a single dildo can be further subdivided.

Let's also check out the benefits of using each female sex toy!

I already know what kind of sex toys there are, so I want to know what's popular right now! For those of you can check out the latest best-selling female sex toys for 2021here!



A vibrator is a sex toy that has a motor built into its plastic or silicone exterior, and the vibrations of the motor are applied to the sex zones to cause orgasms.

It is one of the best sex toys, especially for beginner women. It is inexpensive, and since many of them are not insertion types, it is especially easy to use for those who have no or limited experience in sex.

They are also used not only by women for masturbation, but also by couples to increase their satisfaction during sex, If you're interested, check out Couple Sex Toys.

brators are divided into various types according to their shape, such as Egg Vibrators, Dildo Vibrators, and Bullet Vibrators, but let's take a look at two of the most popular categories, Egg Vibrators and Dildo Vibrators.

"I want to check out all the different types of vibrators!"

If you want to check out all the different types of vibrators, you can do so here.

Egg Vibrators

Egg vibrators

Egg Vibrators, as the name implies, are egg-shaped vibrators.

They're very popular with women and couples who are trying sex toys for the first time, as they're the cheapest sex toys available!


You can buy them fromRs500 at STI!

As you can see, the vibrating part is just round like an egg. It is mainly used for sensitive areas such as the clitoris and nipples.

Egg Vibrators are often used as an introduction to vibrators and are recommended for beginners because they make it easier to feel clitoral orgasms.

If you have never had an orgasm of any kind, this is a product you should definitely try.

Realistic Dildo Vibrators

What is Realistic Dildo Vibrators

The Realistic Dildo Vibrators is a sex toy with a vibrator function on a realistic dildo that reproduces a realistic penis.

As you can see, it looks just like a real penis. However, it can also be used as a vibrator by switching it on to stimulate the G-spot, clitoris, and nipples! If you vibrate it while inserting it, you will experience a different kind of pleasure.

Of course, if you don't vibrate it, you can use it as a normal dildo, so you can use it as a vibrator when your family is not around, and use it as a dildo when they are around. This functionality that hits two birds with one stone is the reason for its popularity.

By the way, the reason I didn't mention dildo vibrators in the dildo section that I'll introduce later is because the definition of a dildo is "something that doesn't vibrate" in STI.



A dildo is a non-vibrating sex toy made to resemble a man's penis. Since they do not vibrate, they do not make any noise and do not require any electricity.

For this reason, they are harder to break than vibrators, and are highly recommended for those who want to enjoy them for a long time.

They are also perfect for women who want to enjoy masturbating with sex toys in an environment where they cannot make vibrating sounds.

Such dildos are actually divided into many types.

There are realistic dildos made to mimic a real penis, non-realistic dildos with camouflaged shapes, very Large dildos, and many more.

In this article, we will pick up the Realistic Dildo and Large Dildo, which are the most popular types of dildos at our store.

If you want to check out other types of dildos, you can also refer to this article.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are dildos that are made to resemble the appearance of a real penis. Many women think of realist dildos when they think of dildos.

They are made of high quality silicone and elastomer, and are designed to have the feel and texture of a real penis.

Realistic dildos are popular for their realism above all else. The reason why dildo masturbation cannot satisfy you enough is the inorganic feeling you get when you use a dildo. With the Realistic Dildo, you don't have to feel that.

Just like this, it looks very much like a real penis. It's a great way to get into the mood while masturbating.

  • Women who want to develop their portio
  • Women who want to enjoy a more realistic masturbation experience
  • Women who want a dildo that looks like their partner's penis

Realistic dildos are especially recommended for these kinds of women.

The Realistic Dildo is sure to become your ideal partner.

Large Dildos

Sex with your partner is good, but sometimes you want to enjoy stimulating sex. The Large Dildo is recommended for such Indian women.

The average size of an Indian man's penis when erect is about 10cm, but the Large Dildo is larger than that, ranging from 15cm to over 30cm.

This may seem surprising, but large dildos are one of the most popular categories in STI. Many women are addicted to the size of the dildos, which is something you can't experience in everyday life!

By the way, the length of a dildo that can be inserted into a woman's vagina is about 13cm at most, but when inserted into the anus, it can be as long as 50cm.

  • I want to try inserting a large penis.
  • I want to develop my anus.
  • I want a dildo with impact.

The Large Dildo is perfect for women who have these desires.

Strap on


A strap-on, also known as a harness dildo, is a sex toy in the form of a dildo attached to a harness. It is mainly used for sex between lesbians and by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Women who want to insert into a man's anus may also wear a strap-on.

There are two types of strap-ons: one in which the dildo is fixed to the strap, and one in which the strap itself has a hole through which the dildo can be inserted.

The fixed type is fine even if you move a little too much, while the type with the dildo through the hole is not suitable for vigorous movements. However, it also has the advantage that you can use any dildo you have on hand as long as it goes through the hole in the strap.

The hollow type can hold a penis when worn by a man. If a woman wants to wear it, she can stuff it with cloth.

Here is our popular strap-on where the dildo is hollow and also switchable. It even comes with the vibration function!

The strap-on can be used to spice up sex that has become stale, or to deepen the love between lesbians.

  • Straight women who want more stimulation in sex
  • Lesbian partners who enjoy penetration
  • Women who are interested in anal penetration
  • Women who have a male partner who want to be dominated

If you have a male partner who is more on the submissive side, this is the perfect choice for you.



Massagers are also known as handheld massage machines for home use. However, many of you may have a strong image of sex toys. Recently, massagers have been used more and more in pornographic videos, so many people may recognize them as sex toys.

Massagers are readily available at electronics stores, and even those who are not ready to buy a sex toy should be able to buy one as a "massage machine.

Massagers are bigger and more powerful than vibrators, so even if you are not used to using sex toys, you can easily stimulate your sexual zones and have an orgasm.

If you don't comformtable getting the big massager, there are options which are compact types as well. This type can easily fit in your pouch and can be carried around.

Out Of Stock

Even if you have never had a clitoral orgasm, you should be able to easily have an orgasm with a massager because of the large area that can be vibrated.

On the other hand,if you use it too much, you will only be able to have an orgasm with the massager, so be careful.

I mentioned large ones, but there are also massagers that are small enough to fit in a cosmetic pouch. It's a good idea to buy one according to where and how often you use it.


If you are a woman who has had sex, you have probably used a condom at least once. Condoms are essential to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, right? In fact, STI recommends that you use a condom when using sex toys as well.

When dildos and dildo-type vibrators are used by inserting them into the vagina or anus, germs on the dildo can enter the vagina or anus and cause inflammation. It would be nice if you could clean the dildo properly after use, but there are times when you don't have time to do so and you just need to wipe it off quickly.

If you use a condom,you can enjoy masturbation in a clean condition every time. If you choose a scented condom and use a different scent each time, it will change the atmosphere of your masturbation. Of course, you can also use them during sex, so there is no harm in buying them.

Dotted types, on the other hand, can provide a new kind of sensation by adding some dotted textures to your favorite dildo. It can easily change up the masturbation if you are starting to feel bored.

  • Want to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STDs during sex?
  • You want to clean your sex toys easily

I'm sure you'll find it useful.

If you want to know more about how to take care of sex toys, you can read this article.

Top Sellers of STI

Now let's take a look at the top selling sex toys for women in SexToysINDIA!

  • I want to buy the most popular sex toys anyway
  • There are too many types to choose from

If you have any of these problems, please take a look at this page.

XXX Indian Dick Man 6
Realistic dildo w vibe Skin
Super Pink Boy
New Skeleton Rotor clear
Lesbian Strap on vibrator dildo
XXX Indian Dick Man 5
Remote Pleasant egg
Minimamini white

No.1: XXX Indian Dick Man 6

The XXX Indian Dick Man 6 is an original product made by SexToysIndia in their own factory in Delhi, which skillfully reproduces the Indian male penis.

The reason why the product can be priced at Rs1650 but made from high quality materials is because they have cut down on unnecessary costs such as advertising and importing materials.

We are proud of our original dildo, which is always in the top sales ranking at STI because of its stable supply.

  • I am buying a sex toy for the first time, and want a popular sex toy.
  • I want a dildo that is similar in shape to my partner's penis.

This is the perfect sex toy for women if you are looking for something like this.

"I want a smaller dildo!" If you want a smaller dildo, this is the product for you.

No.2: Realistic dildo w vibe Skin

The Realistic dildo w vibe Skin is one of the most inexpensive dildo vibrators you can buy, and is recommended for women who want to develop their portio and like a straight penis.

It is battery powered, so there is no need to recharge it, so you don't have to worry about your family accidentally finding it while it is charging. (Common)

No.3: Super Pink Boy

Out Of Stock

This is another popular dildo-type vibrator that tends to be sold out at STI frequently. The pink skeleton material is sure to tickle women's fancy.

It is made of high quality silicone material, so your vagina is hard to get sore even if you use it for a long time. Therefore, even virgin women who have never had sex before can use it without worry.

No.4: New Skeleton Rotor clear

New Skeleton Rotor clear, which can be purchased for Rs500, is the best product for women who are new to sex toys. A wide range of people buy this egg vibrator because of its price, which makes it easy for beginners to reach their hands without worrying.

The Rs3500 is a free shipping line at STI, and in many cases this is added to the cart when the price is less than that amount. It is a versatile item that can be used for both sex and masturbation, so it is a good item to have.

No.5: Lesbian Strap on vibrator dildo

From among the strap-ons, the Lesbian Strap on vibrator dildo ranked in.

It's called "Lesbian Strap on vibrator dildo", but it's not only for lesbians. It is also recommended for straight couples when the woman wants to insert the man.

It has a vibrator function so that the woman wearing it can also feel vibration.

No.6: XXX Indian Dick Man 5

The XXX Indian Dick Man 5 is a slightly smaller version of the popular XXX Indian Dick Man, and is popular among virgins, men and women who want to use a dildo for anal sex.

The XXX Indian Dick Man 5 is the lowest price in the dildo category. This one is also made in our own factory in Delhi as the series 6 as well, so we have succeeded in cutting costs while ensuring quality. The price is very affordable for Indian women.

No.7: Remote Pleasant egg

Out Of Stock

The Remote Pleasant egg, which has been gaining popularity among vibrators for its cordless and flexible use, is also ranked among the best vibrators. It comes in three colors: black, blue, and pink (*Please note that you cannot choose the color at the time of purchase.)

The controller part has a "neck" that makes it easy to grip, so it won't slip out of your hand when you masturbate or have sex.

No.8: Minimamini white

Out Of Stock

A cute handy size massager ranked in. It is gaining popularity for its size, which can easily fit in a makeup bag, and its affordable price.

It doesn't look like a sex toy at first glance, so it's a good choice for people who live with family or roommates and don't want them to know you have a sex toy. You can say, "This is a massage machine.


Did you find any sex toys that you liked or wanted to try? In this article, we have compiled a list of sex toys for women that can be purchased safely in India.

The following are some of the best sex toys for women available in India.

▲Tap the name of the sex toy to jump to the corresponding item.

You don't have to go to Parika Bazaar to buy sex toys for women, SexToysINDIA allows you to do so safely and without anyone knowing.

In India, the use of female sex toys has increased over the years. As a result, the sex toy market has been gradually expanding.

Against the backdrop of the times, there would have been times when people would have said, "It is shameful to have sexual desire even though you are a woman," or "It is outrageous for a woman to seek orgasm. However, that's not the case today.

It is perfectly normal for a woman to have sexual desire and to seek orgasm. There are many benefits that women can get from having an orgasm.

If you have any questions or want to know more about sex toys for women, please feel free to contact STI's chat staff. We can show you how to choose and recommend the best products.

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