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What is Sex Toys in Kolkata

What is Sex Toys in Kolkata

Curious to know about which types of sex toys are famous in Kolkata? How to purchase sex toys in Kolkata? If you want to know more about the sex toys in Kolkata then you are in the right place. We SexToys India make this guide for our West Bengal user so that they can gain more information regarding the “Sex Toys in Kolkata”.

Sex toys in Kolkata

Sex Toys in Kolkata

Kolkata is the second largest city of India after Mumbai which is situated bank of the river Hoogly. Kolkata is famous for its inexpensive nature. It is one of the most economical cities. It is totally difference city as compare to Delhi, Bengaluru . This is the reason it is also called the city of joy. But do you know that it is also known as “city of palaces”, and the “cultural capital of India”.

During the British ruling era, it was named Calcutta and from 1772 to 1911 it was the capital of India. But in 2001 its name change to Kolkata. Now a day, approx 4.6 million people are living here.

Kolkata is famous for its food, architecture and culture. There are many technology industries. Students from another city come here for education and to get employed.

People of Kolkata are known as Bengali. Bengali love to have sex and they use many types of sex toys to fill their sexual desired.

Characteristics of Kolkata people

People with different racial, regional and cultural origins live in Kolkata. Kolkata people are warm and friendly. Here, any types of people can easily survive because it is one of the most inexpensive cities in India.

The passion of festive mood, the love for literature, music and football, and the tendency of relishing good food are commonly seen in most of the people and it also makes Bengal a unique state.

Kolkata is most famous for its sweet delight Bengali Rasgulla. Bengali loves to eat rice and fish. In West Bengal, varieties of fish are available and different types of fish are cooked differently. Kolkata people are big foodies.

Bengali women love to wear a saree in a quite distinct way whereas men wear dhoti.

What sex toys are popular in Kolkata?

What sex toys are popular in Kolkata?

In Kolkata, most of the people use the varieties of sex toys such as vibrator, dildo etc. People of Kolkata also love to use the BDSM equipments. They prefer the sex toys to increase the sexual fun in their life.

But you get surprised to know that Women in Kolkata used more sex toy as compared to the men. I know, it is little difficult to believe but it is 100 percent true.

You can not find any physical sex toys store in Kolkata or you can say that It is very difficult to find any physical sex toys store in Kolkata. But if someone wants then they can easily purchase any types of sex toys from an online store just like us.

According to our sells in Kolkata, almost 51.06% is women toy in which dildo and vibrator are included. Dildo are most famous as compared to vibrator in Kolkata. Bengali women also prefer the sex lubricant to make their sex drive easy and smooth. For bengali women, we have special type of sex lube and i.e lubes for lady.

When it comes to the men, only 26.24% sex toys for men sold in West Bengal. In this men toy male masturbator toys and cock ring are included.

Some of the Bengali people also love to use the anal and BDSM toys.

Vibrator in Kolkata

Bengali women love to use the vibrator and also say that vibrators are their best friend. Kolkata woman, as well as men, prefer the varieties of vibrator toys range from vibrating dildo to the vibrating cock ring. Not only the women but men also use the vibrator for anal stimulation. This toy of vibrator is generally called the anal vibrator. We have a huge collection of vibrator toys for women as well as for men. So, pick the best one and enjoy your sexual life.

Dildo in Kolkata

As you all know that dildo is one of the most famous sex toys not only in Kolkata but all over India as well as world. Like the other women, Bengali women also love to use realistic dildo. Along with the realistic dildo, Kolkata women also prefer the glass dildo, harness dildo, non-realistic dildo etc. Bengali woman and lesbian love to use the strap on dildo. Bengali woman generally prefer the strap on dildo to peg their partner.

Male masturbator in Kolkata

In Kolkata, male masturbator toys are more famous among the men. Generally, students or the men who live alone prefer the male masturbator toy to satisfy their sexual need. We have a huge collection of male masturbator toy. You can pick anyone according to your choice and budgets. Bengali men also like to use sex dolls.

Cock ring in Kolkata

In Kolkata, men prefer the cock ring also. They try different types of cock ring from vibrating to the non-vibrating cock ring. Along with the cock ring, they also love to cover their penis with penis sleeves. Cock ring helps to increase the duration of the play whereas penis sleeves are the best temporary solution to increase the size of the penis.

Anal toy in Kolkata

In Kolkata, men and women both love to stimulate the anal. You can also say that anal toys are also quite famous in Kolkata. Men and women use the anal toy for solo play or during the partner play. They generally prefer the butt plug to expand their anal.

Recommended sex toys for men in Kolkata

Recommended sex toys for men in Kolkata

Here, we recommended some of the sex toys for men in Kolkata. You can prefer any of the sex toys according to your choice, need and budgets.


Libido is one of the most popular anal toys. The best thing is that you can use it with or without the vibration function. It is made with the high-quality material so provides you with the smooth and easy insertion.


It is a penis sleeve which is made with the soft TPR material. Men can use these penis sleeves to increase the thickness, length and texture of the penis. This penis sleeve has a quiet unique texture so both the partner can gain the advantage of this toy.


TIt is a male masturbator toy which provides the very close feeling of the real penis. Its internal structure is a little bit complex so provides strong stimulation. It is small in size, so you can say that it is travel-friendly.

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Surperring 3p set Smoke

It is a set of three different cock rings. You can use the entire three cock ring separately or at the same time. The best things are that the entire cock ring has a distinctive shape.

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Recommended sex toys for women in Kolkata

Recommended sex toys for women in Kolkata

Here, we recommended some of the sex toys for women in Kolkata. You can prefer any of the sex toys according to your choice, need and budgets.

New Skeleton Rotor clear

It is small egg vibrator which is used for internal as well as external stimulation. It is very small in size so easy to portable. This small egg vibrator is easy to use and handle. It provides intense pleasure. Most of the woman prefer this vibrator toy because it is the cheapest vibrator sex toy.

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Jugar SALTER is a wireless remote control vibrator sex toy. This toy is mostly used by the couple. This toy has a strong vibration function. With this toy, you can feel the more pleasurable. Couple use this toy to enhance the fun and pleasure in their sexual life.

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Michinoku Dildo M size

It is the most popular toy not only in the Kolkata but all over India. Women prefer this toy, to experience the real feeling of the penis. Women love to use the Michinoku series dildo. This toy is also available in small and large size. A woman can select any size of Michinoku dildo.

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New Joy belt black

It is a strap on dildo with the vibration function. It has an adjustable belt so anyone can easily wear it. Its dildo part is removable. The best things are that its clitoris tail is also vibrating. The lesbian couple love to use this strap on.

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