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New Product Sex Toys List
New Product Sex Toys List

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Recommended toys

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What is a sex toy? I'm interested but I do not really understand

What is a sex toy? I'm interested but I do not really understand

We will teach you kindly about such sex toys. Basically, it is being written in various ways. Sex Toys, Adult Toys, Adult Tools, Pleasure Goods. Just a different way of saying is a sex toy.

There are also various categories there. Anal toys, Bdsm Bondage toys, Cock ring, Codoms, Dildo, Male masturbator, Massager, Sex Lubricants and Vibrators. There are too many different kinds in it too.

If you want to know sextoys for men and sextoys for women, the link here is convenient.

But that, now sex toys are also the most popular category in India. Since it does not teach us more about sex toys at school in the first place it is natural that there are many people who do not have correct knowledge. Various sex toys are sold on the Internet, and there are various information. I do not really know which one is correct.

However, it is still a fact that it is very popular in India.

And there is a demand for sex toys not only in India but around the world, it has been recognized by society and exhibitions etc are done. Various sex toys are available in rich national character in Japan, the United States, European countries as well. We are SEXToys India has a wonderful number of Japanese sex toys with safe materials and polite technology made in Japan but because of the ability to purchase online in Japan too, users are increasing regardless of gender. And Japanese toys, which is a developed country of sex toys, are particularly excellent in safety, and even beginners can use it safely.

It's also effective for communication

It's also effective for communication

The use of sex toys is effective not only for solving frustration such as masturbation but also for com- munication with partners. Currently it is a sex toy with an image that is not very open in India, but it is gradually being recognized also now that it can be purchased easily even online. We hope to change your understanding and anxiety to understanding even a little.

What kind of toys should I choose?

I will diagnose the categories of toys that match you better than introducing toys here from our many categories toys. Please choose answer to question from two choices (YES OR NO). Then proceed to the next question. You should find the category of toy that matches you according to the result.

Let's start Sextoys Test!!


You are...?

  • Man? Go to Q4
  • Woman? Go to Q2

*Please choose your gender and proceed to the next question:)


Is it the first time to use sex toys?

  • Yes! That is my first experience! Go to Q8
  • No! I have used a lot! Go to Q6


Have you ever masturbated?


Do you want to use toy for your girl friend?

  • Yes! I want to! Go to Q5
  • No, I wanna use for me!! Go to Q11


Do you like inserting deeply?

  • Yes,,, love that! Go to Type B
  • No. not so much... Go to Q10


Do you want to move your hips more than your hands?

  • Yes,It is automaticly. Go to Q5
  • No, not so much... Go to Q9


Often feel the orgasm in clitoris?

  • Yes, clitoris only!! Go to Type A
  • No, not just dlitoris for me! Go to Q10


Have you experienced sex?

  • Yes... Go to Q7
  • No, not yet... Go to Q3


Are you easy to get wet?

  • Yes, It's embarassing. Go to Q3
  • No, its problem... Go to Type C


It takes time to orgasm?


Do you want to masturbate with realistic vagina?

Type A

Type A

Recommended toys are Egg Vibrator! !

Egg Vibrator would be good for people who masturbate in clitoris, those who take time to orgasm, or who have not yet experienced orgasm. Large stimulus destructive power on a small body. Besides clitoris, it can also be used for stimulation such as anal, nipple, and neck.

Here pick up item for you

Click here if you would like to know other Egg Vibrator

Type B

Recommended toys are Dildo! !

You like deep place and you can get orgasm to sgo You are still recommended dildo! If you have not used it yet please hurry and put it in the cart!

SEXToys India is also a very popular category of toys. Efforts are also very good as we deal with many safe Japanese made. Texture is also the most realistic, with many suckers attached so you can use it fixed on a wall or floor. Grinding and stimulating the deep place will also be an exercise for orgasm inside.

In the first case, if you purchase something that is too big, it is recommended to start with a small size at first as it may cause injury or trouble.

Here pick up item for you

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Type C

Type C

The tool recommended for you is Sex Lubricants.

It is all-purpose to use for various things. Of course it also helps masturbation and sex. People who do not usually use anything, please try it once. Of course, if there are a lot of amounts, the adhesion rate of the skin will also increase, so pleasure will double!

Sex Lubricants is absolutely necessary for those who already have toys. People who are interested in other toys from now on should buy Sex Lubricants and try with various fingers! The world that I usually feel changes.

Here pick up item for you

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

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Type D

Type D

Recommended toys for you are Male masturbators.

Let's easily find the best partner that will satisfy your desire at the timing you want.

However, there are many people who currently have a negative image "a toy used by men who can not sex to satisfy their desires", but actually it is different.

Male masturbators are tools to enhance the quality of masturbation and are useful. Male masturbators are more comfortable, more pleasant and more convenient than male masturbation.

Here pick up item for you

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

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