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Currently, TENGA is a popular Japanese masturbator toy manufacturer around the world. Its stylish appearance, a sex toy with no sexual impression, is a brand that attracts not only men but also women.

Are there many people who have seen disposable TENGA CUP once? In addition, when using it for the first time, EGG type and POKET type are also cheap and recommended. Here, we will tell you the TENGA that you do not know, such as the type and usage of TENGA.

What is TENGA?

Tenga is a Japanese brand which manufactured the male masturbator toys. Tenga brands offer varieties of male masturbator toys, personal lubricant, and many other related products. Tenga company was established on 25th March 2005. The head of this company is Koichi Matsumoto. The first Tenga cup masturbator toys were released on 7th July 2005.

First, the company was named Kabushiki gaisha but later in the year 2006 the company changes its name as Tenga Co., Ltd.( Kabushiki Gaisha Tenga). The meaning of Tenga in Japanese is "righteously arranged and elegant". Tenga Co. Ltd was awarded the Red Dot Award: Product designed in the year 2012 in Germany. Tenga Co. Ltd is the first company who receives the award for the male masturbator toys.


As you know that the Tenga is the Japanese brand of the male masturbator sex toys. Tenga masturbator cup is used by the male partner to stimulate their penis during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual needs. Tenga cup is very similar to the fleshlight. Tenga cup is one of the most common and popular masturbator sex toys which men used.

The Tenga Co. Ltd. used the high quality or medical grade material to make the Tenga cup so that any people can easily use it without any worry. In the market varieties of Tenga cup are available. The different types of Tenga cup provide the different sensation during the masturbation. It depends on the user which type of Tenga cup they prefer.


Tenga cup is available in the market with four different colours. Red is one of them. Red colour Tenga cup is a standard type of masturbator toys. While using this masturbator toys, male partner feels comfortable because its insertion pad is very smooth.

It provides the soft, silky insertion. This red colour Tenga cup specially designed for the beginner user and intermediate users. Red colour Tenga cup is pre-lubricated. The male partner who wants to take the experience of the Tenga cup can easily use and handle the red colour Tenga cup.


White colour Tenga cup is very popular. It is a soft type of masturbator toys. While using the white colour Tenga cup user can certainly feel good. This Tenga cup provides chilling stimulation and smooth feelings. White colour Tenga cup is perfect for the people who like the soft gel with a viscosity.

If the male partner wants to enjoy their masturbation for a long time then they should use the white colour Tenga cup. It provides the feeling like real sex so most of the male prefer white Tenga cup. Male partner also uses personal lubricant with this masturbator toys.


Black colour Tenga cup is a hard type of masturbator toys. This Tenga cup provides the strong stimulation and it is super good. The people who have lots of experience or the professional and advanced user can only use this masturbator toys. Its texture is nubs and ridges and it is a pre-lubricated so user do not need to reapply the personal lubricant.

It has a pinched shape and air valve creates the sexy sucking sounds that simulate oral sex. Black colour Tenga cup is a discreet and disposable type masturbator toy.


Premium type masturbator toy is one of the best quality masturbator toys. It provides the elegant stimulation. It is made with the high-quality gel material.

Premium Tenga cup is pre-lubricated so the user does not need to reapply the lube. But if they want then they can easily apply any types of personal lubricant according to their choice. Premium Tenga cup textured is interior and it has a powerful suction. It is very easy for many people to use it. It is a disposable type masturbator toy so the user should destroy it after use.


The egg Tenga cup is a super stretchy, elastic and designed in an egg shape. Egg Tenga cup is available in the market with 13 different textures or sensation. It is designed in such a manner that it easily fit all sizes due to its elasticity.

The external designs of egg masturbator toys reflect the internal details. The male used the Tenga egg masturbator toys only once. So every time when a male partner wants to feel the experience of egg Tenga cup they should purchase the new one. Egg Tenga cup is one of the cheapest masturbator toys which any people can easily purchase it.

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New Standard

In the market 6 different types of new standard egg tanga cup are available. Different types of new standard Tenga cup provides different sensation during masturbation.

  • Wave ll - Wave ll is designed in such a manner that it is bold and has rippling ridges overlap to bring wave. It also has vertical ribs which make a strong structure and provides the more dynamic sensation.
  • Boxy - This egg Tenga cup provides pleasure in two directions. The opposite angles provide the different sensation when stoking up and down.
  • Brush - This EGG is packed to the brim with long, twisted strokers that brush along with every movement. It has a spiralling rib at the base.
  • Tarnado - This egg masturbator toy provides the twisting motion along with the classic vertical stroking.
  • Sphere - This egg Tenga cup provides the dynamic stimulation and mix sensation of orb and rib.
  • Silky ll - This egg masturbator toys provides the smooth stimulation and help the male to achieve the climax. It is an extra thick egg Tenga cup.

6 Colors - Regular Strength

6 colour regular strength has 6 different types of egg Tenga cup. These 6 colours regular strength Tenga cups are -

  • Wave - This egg Tenga cup has multiple layers of large, flexible waves ribs which provides the unique sensation.
  • Clicker - It provides the stimulation from dynamic nubs. The user can easily use it.
  • Spider - This egg Tenga cup masturbator toys provides the 360-degree sensation. The interior webs of this masturbator toys designed like a grid.
  • Twister - A whirlwind of pleasure squeezes you all over for a rippling corkscrew effect that will drive you wild. People used it for hard play.
  • Stepper - This Tenga cup provides the bi-directional wedges stroke.
  • Silky - This masturbator toy provides a unique sensation and it is very easy to use and handle.

Hard Boiled - Strong Sensations

Hard-boiled strong sensation egg Tenga cup is available in six different types. The people who have lots of experience can use this masturbator toys. The 6 Hard boiled strong sensation egg Tenga cup is -

  • Thunder - It is designed in such a manner that it has a big and strong vertical rib which runs up and down. It provides the thunderous sensations.
  • Crater - It has a large cratered nub from all the angles which provides the excellent experience during the masturbation.
  • Misty - This egg Tenga cup creates a veil of sensations and helps the male partner to achieve the orgasm. With the help of misty egg, Tenga cup male partner satisfied all their sexual needs.
  • Cloudy - This masturbator toy provides the rebounding sensation. The male partner uses any types of personal lube with this egg Tenga cup.
  • Shiny - It has a radiating rib and a big central nub which easily stimulate the male partner.
  • Surfer - It is designed in such a manner that it has dipped and dive around these accentuated nubs and surprise drops for a thrilling ride.


Pocket type Tenga cup is a simple sleeve which male partner prefer for the quick pick up and go. The pocket Tenga cup masturbator toys are made from super stretch materials that can easily fit most of the men. Pocket Tenga cup are three types wave line, click ball, and block edge. All these three types easily used by any of the people.

In all types of pocket Tenga cup packet fee sample sachet of lube is includes so the user can easily use it. This pocket Tenga cup is easily disposable in their packing. It is not so expensive so men can easily purchase it.

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Hole type Tenga cup is designed in such a manner that user can easily use it multiple times. Once the user can use it then they can easily clean it with toy cleaner and store it for further use. In the market varieties of hole Tenga cup masturbator toys, are available. Some of the most popular and common hole Tenga cup is -


Tenga spinner is a hole type Tenga cup masturbator toys. It is designed in such a manner that its internal coil makes the spinner twist as the user demand. While using this Tenga cup male partner experience the unbelievable sensations with each stroke. The Tenga spinner provides the unique sensation during the masturbation like none other.

There are three types of Tenga spinner is available in the market such as TENGA SPINNER 01TETRA, TENGA SPINNER 02HEXA, and TENGA SPINNER 03SHELL. All these Tenga spinners are reusable so the user can easily clean and store it for further use.

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Some people also called the Tenga flex as Moova. Tenga flex is made with the malleable materials which create a new sensation. This masturbator toy creates a spinning stimulation. While using this Tenga flex male partner should cover the air hole at the top of the item. It is reusable.

Tenga flex is of two types - Tenga flex silky white and Tenga flex rocky flex. This flex Tenga cup allows the user to squeeze, twist and grip the item to directly change the stimulation according to their need, choice, and mood.


Tenga 3D masturbator toys are designed in a unique manner. It is designed in such a manner that it looks great. It provides the great stimulation during masturbation so that men can easily satisfied. After masturbation men can easily store it. They boast a coupling of antibacterial material and a drying/storage stand for hygiene too.

There are 6 different types of tenga3D masturbator toys like are available SPIRAL, MODULE, ZEN, POLYGON, and PILE. All the 6 different tenga3D provides the unique sensation. It depends on the user which type of Tenga 3D they prefer.

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Tenga flip hole masturbator toys bring a new world of reusable pleasure toys for men. Male partner can easily be used and store it for further use. There are varieties of Tenga flip hole is available like flip zero, flip hole, and flip air. During masturbation, male partner used it to experience the unique sensation and achieve the orgasm. After that, they can easily clean it and store it for further use.

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Can TENGA be used many times?

Tenga has both type- disposable type and reusable type. The number of use depends on which type of Tenga you have. The disposable type Tenga is not be used by more than once where reusable Tenga type can be used by more than once.

Tenga disposable type

  • Cup Series: It can be used by once only. It is not good for health to use it more than once.
  • Egg Series: You can be used about the three-time maximum. It gets loose at the third time.
  • Pocket Series: It is used by only once. It gets tear and damage at first use.

Reusable disposable type

  • Hole Series: Flip Hole, Flip Hole LITE, 3D belongs to hole series and can use be more than 50 times. If you handle it or maintain it properly, you can use it even more time.

Does TENGA sound? How much noise?

Of course, it produces sound when using Tenga. The sound can be due to the friction of lubricant or sound of air leak or enter. If you are using it properly in a more effective way, then your next room person can hear it if the room is silent. Even if you use it quietly, it is not feeling good or satisfied you.

The normal use of Tenga gives a level of sound. The sound of using Tenga is not that annoying. Among all series, the cup series is particularly noisy. The air entering and leaking produce noise. It is recommended do not use cup series or hole series if someone is in your home or room. Egg series is quiet and cute sound. Egg Tenga may not be heard by the next room. Even in the fastest mode.

Can you use TENGA in secret?

If you are living with some other people, you cannot use Tenga secretly. As we discuss above that Tenga produce the sound of air leaking and entering while use. It is better to use any Tenga series when your room partner is absent if you want to keep it secret. As we know Tenga have three different series- cup series, egg series, hole series.

Among them, egg series produce less sound as compare to other. If you want to fulfil the sexual desire in the same home with other people, you can choose an egg series. Egg series do not keep it completely private but yeah it gives less sound.

What is a nice place to hide TENGA?

It is difficult to hide Tenga series from family if you use it. Because first there is a sound of air leak and enter at the time of use. Second, you need to wash it for future use. Third, it has to be completely dried after wash to store it. It is difficult and not good to hide moisture thing where it is Tenga or something else. It is compulsory for hygiene.

The nice place to hide your Tenga series is, you can put it in the bathroom or sink. You can use it privately and can wash it without letting know others. Store it in the massage tool or with shaving kits to hide it properly.

Do I have to dry the TENGA after use?

Yes, it is compulsory to dry the Tenga after use and after wash. It is one of best maintaining thing you can do for your Tenga series. To store a wet Tenga or anything is not good and can damage your Tenga. You use to dry it properly after every wash. You can use a towel or tissues to wipe out.

You can not completely drain the water, so you need to dry naturally. The partial dry or wet cause bacterial growth and moulds in the Tenga, so drying environment is good. Use anti-bacterial tissues and a clean and dry towel to clean Tenga because it is a private toy.

Which is the most pleasant TENGA?

Flip Hole Black is the most pleasant TENGA according to most of the Tenga user. Flip Hole Black is the most exciting and most pleasing Tenga. It is best for one who wants most pleasurable stimulation and ultimate pleasure. Its internal structure is so jaggy that deliver the rough sexual feel to the Tenga user.

The jaggy of the inside structure and the bothering spherules of the collapsing are strong to the point that they are dangerous to the point that they turn out to be excessively knotty. Cali is feeling great with incitement Gorigori which undulates commonly MAX.

If I bought TENGA online, Does not the sex toy be written in the item name by courier? Is not TENGA written?

Well, it depends on the online shop, which shop you choose to purchase it. One of online store mentions the respective all information on the parcel and some of them keep it discreet. If you are living with the family members or roommates and want to keep it private, then we recommended choosing us(SexToys-India) or Amazon.

We understand the customer's privacy, and never mention any Tenga details or any sex toy item name on a parcel. Amazon is also one of a regular shop. That follow the same things. If you feel anxious or scared of invoice and item name, then you can contact the shop and confirm your concern questions.

Is it true that you cannot ejaculate in the production if I use too much TENGA?

There is a possibility that cannot ejaculate in the production if I use too much TENGA. It is not that you lost your ejaculation power. It is in the sense, it feels more comfortable than genuine. When you get used to the use of Tenga, you will find pleasure in it. Tenga is very comfortable to use and easier to use with raw, so it feels better than doing with real sex.

It just affects your interested and pleasure, not your ejaculation thing. You can build up the excitement and interest back to the real women vagina or real sex, by controlling the use of Tenga use.

Do I get better with TENGA? Is it okay to treat premature ejaculation?

We think that PE (premature ejaculation) can be treated with Tenga. It is said that this toy is more pleasant than a real vagina depending on its kind. Moreover, doing without a condom also makes it a practice that becomes strong against stimulation.

As getting used to the stimulation of Tenga, I am accustomed to the pleasant pleasure of real vagina, and as a result there is a possibility that sustaining power will be up when real sex is done. But, of course, if you masturbate with this toy you may not be able to ejaculate.

Which one is recommended? which one is good?

There are many series available in Tenga series named as Cup series, Egg series, Hole series. Among all series, there are different kinds of products you can find. Cup series and Egg series of Tenga is a joke goods after all. Hole series is highly recommended among all series. However, the flip hole of the whole series is a pity. You can go with Flip Hole Tenga. It is reusable, you can wash it and again use it.

It is reusable up to more than 50 times. It is a little bit expensive, it is worth to spend on it. We recommended flip hole for male's sexual desires.

Price is high. Is not it cheap?

Many online stores are there that selling all Tenga series. If you want to find the cheapest place to go with, then you have to compare the multiple sites. The cost of a product varies with different sites because of different taxes rates and additional rates. Among all, we (SexToys-India) are the cheapest one.

You can compare our prices with other sites. Not only about the Tenga series, but we also have cheap prices and good features in all sex toys. We keep your private order discreet while shipping and emailing. We understand customer's privacy and value them.

Can I enjoy it with a couple?

Yes, you can enjoy it with a couple too. Tenga series also have couple's Tenga. But you can enjoy with the normal one too or with regular Tenga. With the regular Tenga, you can add excitement to the masturbation with a partner.

The pleasure and fun will be different if you ask your partner to give Tenga attacks. Such male masturbator toys are used with a partner just to enhance the sexual fun. Men also pleasure the women. But now with Tenga, women can control the men's sexual desires. We think that Tenga is good for sexual riding.

How much vacuum???

Tenga really feels good. There are various kinds of Tenga, but the one that can experience the vacuum is the cup type. Although it is a disposable type, there is an air hole, and you can experience sucking by adjusting with your finger. There are also HOLE types that can experience vacuum, but vacuum compared to cups is weak. However, TENGA FLIP HOLE has a sense close to a real blow job. It is a pleasant feeling only to those who have used it.

Do I feel good about TENGA?

Yes, Tenga is able to give real and best ever feel to the user. Silicone material is more close to the human skin in touch. Most of Tenga series sex toys are made with silicone material. Although, the internal structure of Tenga cups has rough edges such as sphere made of folds and puffs, jagged protrusions with corrugations and the like.

These rough edges do not hurt the user, but it increases the pleasure. It is being calculated to deliver the pleasure to the man's penis. Tenga has been used with gel or you can say that lubricant. It makes skin smooth to enjoy the moment.

To talk about TENGA 's pleasant feeling?

If you are thinking to use Tenga and worried about the Tenga pleasant feeling, we will help you. Among all the kind of Tenga. The cup series and egg series is less pleasant than the whole series. There are different kind of product available in the hole series. Hole series is one of best male masturbator option.

The Flip Hole from the hall series of Tenga is highly recommended and deliver the highest pleasant feeling to the men. It is made by good material and able to give real touch and feel. Men can reach the orgasm with the use of a flip hole in the correct way.

Can you use it for actual practice?

Tenga's insertion feeling is very close to the vagina. It's more pleasant than a vagina. In other words, it will be a practice of sex in sense, but how to move the waist is still different.

Because Tenga will move his / her hands, it will be a stimulation exercise but it will not be a practice of movement. However, if you are suffering from PE, Tenga will match for training.

Mine is small but can I use it?

I am small penis men. I want at least 13 cm. There are many short Tenga are available on our site. You can check and try them. If still, it is difficult for you to find the perfect one for you, you can customize your Tenga.

Yes, there is a way to customize it. A perfect fitted Tenga helps you to increase the stimulation and heighten up the pleasure. To customer your Tenga, you required to Tenga. Like if you have Flip hole series Tenga, then bring an egg series. Adjust your egg series Tenga in the flip hole. If you keep the egg as it is, it would be better to flip it over so that the protrusion will hit the coat

Mine is big but can I use it?

I am big penis men. Can I use find a suitable Tenga for me? Yes, We think if you are about 20 centimetres, you can find the one. You can enjoy the Tenga somehow about 20 centimetres. You can use Tenga for more than 20 centimetres but perhaps it may feel unsatisfactory. Men use Tenga just to fulfil their sexual desires and get a perfect orgasm.

I want to taste the feeling of deep with TENGA, but how many cocks will reach if there are several centimetres?

If you want to taste the feeling of deep with TENGA, it is one of best thought that you have. It is good for you to find your suitable size Tenga. There are many sizes are available in the Tenga series. A perfect fitted Tenga gives the feeling of deep. If you touch the last out of Tenga, it will work for you.

If you have fewer centimetres. You can try to customize Tenga with two Tengas. However, we think that if you adjust the depth with a customization Tenga you will be able to get a sense of striking the back.

Do I feel good if you warm TENGA?

Yes, you will feel good if Tenga gets warm. The warm masturbator is close the real. A warmer tenga gives a feel of a real vagina. Warm tenga is good for the winter. A better way to warm your ordinary Tenga is to use a warm towel. It is the safest way. Bring a towel and handkerchief. It is good if towel id thin.

A thick towel will not enter in the Tenga hole. Wet it with hot water, squeeze hard, slender it and put it inside. Leave it inside for some minute to heat up the tenga. It is the easiest way to warm Tenga because towel and hot water are easily available. Make sure to squeeze it properly.

Which lube do you recommend?

It is important to use lubricant with every Tenga cups. With the use of lubricant, a user can enjoy the real insertion feeling. For lubricant, we recommended water-based lubricant.

You can check our Water-based Lubricant category or multipurpose lubricant to find the one. Pepe Blue Cap 360ml, Nururun Lube -ぬるるん- 20ml, PEPE Rubber and lovers 360ml, PEPE Lotion 360ml, etc are options. Lubricant decreases the friction between the Tenga and the penis and increases the pleasant feeling of pleasure.

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